Your Soul's Calling. . . It's Time to Vibe Again.

You know you are intuitive but still doubt your life’s path!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably sick and tired of living a life that feels like it’s going nowhere fast. You know deep down that you’re intuitive and have a higher purpose, but you’re just not sure how to get there. Don’t worry, we totally get it!

You’re sick of soul sucking work and wondering “what’s next for you”?

Tired of working a job that sucks your soul out like a dementor from Harry Potter? It’s time to break free and discover what truly lights you up. Life is too damn short to be living it for other people. It’s time to start living YOUR life, on YOUR terms.

Feel you’re living YOUR life for everyone else, and it’s not authentic to you?

We know it’s scary to take the leap and start living a life that feels authentic to you. You know what though? We’ve been there, done that, and we can help you do the same.


Grounded in our soul purpose, we are standing in front of the majestic sanctuary of truth in Thailand.

With our support, you'll master your mystical mojo, tap into your inner wisdom, and align with your soul purpose!

Here's what our clients have to say about us :

“Maty and Emily are the real deal. They are fully authentic. They are always in it, to deliver your highest and best interests to you!”

"My Akashic Record report felt like a coming home of sorts. It beautifully explained in great detail things about myself that I couldn't have known, yet I knew to be true as soon as I read them. I feel a sense of validation in who I know myself to be, and also feel empowered to step into my authenticity... As a whole, my Akashic Record report helped me feel seen. I am grateful to Emily and Maty for giving me this gift of acceptance and understanding."
Heather Love, a soul purpose success coaching client.
Heather Love
"I loved how easy it was to digest while still being extremely thorough and informative. I especially resonated with the archetypes and key strengths in this lifetime, as it read like a book about my already existing life, including my successes and challenges that I have faced.

This report was so powerful and informative. I can't express the volume of detailed wisdom and guidance I received in this report! I highly recommend having a reading done to gain wisdom and guidance about your soul, its purpose, and what you are here to learn and grow from. Exceptional information and am in awe of their divine talents and skills with the Akashic Records."
Michele Thomas, a soul purpose success coaching client.
Michele Thomas
"I am so grateful that I was able to get my Akashic records reading from Maty and Emily. Their reading validated that there was nothing “wrong” with me, but rather my sensitivities were a result of who I have been for many lifetimes. It has helped me to stand fully in my power and because of that I am more confident in my relationships and in business."
Jodie King, a soul purpose success coaching client.
Jodie King

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Emily and Maty in a loving embrace of gratitude for their work in the Akashic Records.

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