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Hello Intuitives! We're Emily and Maty.

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Maty and Emily met almost 20 years ago while working together at a cafe in downtown Asheville, NC and had an instant connection. They were drawn together by their empath abilities, their previous reiki attunements and shaking their asses at live shows.

Empath Support

What was really unique was their ability to authentically support each other as empaths. Their support remained strong through the ebbs and flows of life. Their closeness allowed a safe space for working out their deep ‘empath’ emotions. Each other’s support set the stage for their self healing as well as practicing their energy work. They remained close friends for seven years and went through several relationships each, before they finally became a couple. 

"During our 7 year friendship. we were really learning how to love each other."

Intuitives and self healers, you've found your people. We'll help you master your mystical mojo and boost your inner badass!

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