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A soul vibe representation as illustrated by a human silhouette with a white soul spark in the chest of their light body.

Soul Vibe

Your Akashic Record Report begins by describing your deep rooted personality traits and innate qualities. Everyone has a certain vibe they resonate in this world. Your soul vibe is who you are at the very core of your being. 

Your Soul Vibe is the foundation of who you are on an energetic level. This describes who you are whether you are incarnated here on Earth, in between lifetimes or incarnated on another planet. At the very core of your being this is your soul vibration.

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Your energetic realm of training represents your magnetic repertoire and is the main vibration you bring into your lifetimes. There are seven energy realms for this type of training and each realm is associated with one of the seven main chakras in your human energy field. Every soul spends time training in at least one energetic realm learning to embody and align their energy with the particular divine energy of that realm. The unique characteristics, qualities, vibratory frequencies and energetic output associated with your chosen realm of training is a big part of your core strengths and personality. A fundamental part of you is the expression of your energetic realm of training.

Your soul group of origin is your soul’s origination point in the universe. The Akashic Records reveal that here on Earth about 75% of the incarnated souls are Earth souls. This means their formative and subsequent lifetimes have been spent on Earth. The other 25% of souls originated and spent their formative incarnations in another star system before having their first lifetime on Earth. These souls are routinely called star seeds or star travelers. Many qualities of your soul’s personality can be traced back to your soul group of origin.

The foundation for your soul’s innate personality and core strengths is the combination of your energy center of training plus the inherent traits of your soul group of origin. Your soul’s unique makeup of inherent strengths, natural traits and qualities is present for each and every lifetime you choose. The unique human personality for each of your lifetimes is derived by how your formative human years or upbringing leaves its impression upon your soul’s innate personality.  

Soul Trainings are the passion projects and in depth hobbies you have that allow you to be in service to Source when not in a body. The skills you develop and master in between lifetimes while in service to source can be utilized during your physical incarnations as well. This is another example of how you bring your soul’s gifts and skills with you into the physical world possessing a natural knack for things. Soul Trainings can often align with esoteric topics that we find we are comfortable with as well as areas of personal interest or professional expertise already within our lives.

The presence of divine support has more relativity to your life in the way that connects your highest good with the highest good of all. We focus on specifics to their energy, touch on the tradition they come from and possible meanings their presence could mean for you. Sometimes you call upon their energy, sometimes they are there because you need them and other times a past life spent in devotion to this divine being is acknowledged by the deeper bond of their energy being with you always.

Two hands around an Earth designed clock winding backward into past life vibes.

Past Vibe

The Past Life Vibe section is about your soul’s past on Earth. This can help explain different skills, beliefs or personality traits you carry today. Earthly lifetimes are how your soul has evolved and expanded in consciousness.

Your Past Life Vibe comes next because now your soul vibration needs some experience. You can only gain wisdom and the sense of knowing and inner peace that accompanies it through having experienced it for oneself. 

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This synopsis of a few lifetimes is meant to lightly appease the curiosity about past lives where your soul experienced a lot of growth. General information about that lifetime as well as the geographical area you lived in and/or if applicable that you incarnated around a world event. You may even find that you have a subconscious familiarity or have an interest already about the areas or time frames of existence for these past lives. You may have the thought “I know this, I’ve done this before.”  

In this section we research what religions or spiritual practices that you’ve had in your past lives that resonate with this lifetime’s vibration. You may currently be practicing one of these already. At times when a spiritual tradition comes up it is the basic tenants and concepts of one having a familiarity or resonance in your soul that will ring true. Other times you’ll notice those tenants showing up in how you practice your spirituality, i.e. whether or not your individual relationship with Source is regarded as more or less important than your relationship for the institution both on a personal level as well as the whole of a faith system.

We research which past life roles you have chosen to embody during your incarnations. These roles are akin to a general guideline for what you’ve chosen to focus on repeatedly in the past when your soul grew the most. This serves to add texture to your past and remind you what your soul had deemed as important for the shaping of learning opportunities.

An example of this would be returning many lifetimes into a High Status Leader role so you have the opportunity to grow while having the welfare of others to consider. These will be skills that you are naturally good at and a role you are usually put into with ease.  

In this section we cover how many lives you have spent on Earth in a human body. This gives another clue as to how experienced you are in a body on Earth. We also check into what percentage you spent as a male versus female. 

A picture of a person staring out into a beautiful sunset with a caption that read present day vibe.

Present Vibe

This third section talks about how all of your past lives and soul vibe affect who you are today. It also covers your life lessons, strengths and qualities, whether you are an empath and gifts to cultivate to increase your intuition.

Your Present Day Vibe represents the accumulation of all the knowledge and wisdom your soul’s foundation has accrued throughout your many lifetimes. This also offers more clues as to what your soul has deemed important to learn and why. 

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Life Lessons are the traits, qualities and magnetic energies that you desire to embody, but are not among the inherent gifts of your soul’s foundation. Given the dualistic nature of the world, it usually takes several lifetimes to fully experience all the nuances and polarities of one life lesson. 

Life lessons are built into the gravitational force within the law of attraction to draw to us the scenarios that can bring about unique learning possibilities. When reflecting upon your past, life lessons will be the underlying themes of your life. The finer details of the people and places change in each scene, but the themes keep coming back up repeatedly until you get a good grasp of the lesson at hand. 

Completing a life lesson is akin to earning a bachelor’s degree. The intensity lessens with which you attract experiences around your completed life lessons. No longer are you manifesting scenarios for the purpose of learning a particular life lesson. Now, when you manifest a situation that requires your completed life lesson trait it will be for the purpose of demonstrating to yourself that ‘you got this’ as well as you’re teaching others through your example by embodying your new strength.

Your strengths and archetypes convey a deeper meaning to the qualities that you naturally embody. When archetypes are reinforcing/validating what your strongest innate gifts are on the soul level, it is akin to Source placing a ‘pay attention’ sign in your path. Sometimes an archetype can be present in your soul from a past life where you embodied a quality in such a way that it became a part of your energetic foundation. Under those circumstances, we consider that archetype a high five from your past lives! 

We research if you are an empath, if you are we then look into which empathic abilities you are gifted with. Empaths are unique, in that they can interpret the emotional experience of others without engaging in the five senses of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting. Just being within a vibratory range can be all an empath needs in order to tune into another person. Empaths can truly ‘walk in another’s shoes’ by feeling and processing energy that doesn’t belong to them, within their own energy field. Processing your own emotions and identifying your triggers is an important part of your health. It can be validating to know if you are an Empath because it can help you factor that into your process when working with your emotions.

We also check which intuitive gifts are currently the strongest for you, those which you are most in tune with. These gifts are the best way for your spirit guides, non physical teachers, loved ones and divine energy to communicate with you.

Knowing your strongest intuitive gift helps sharpen your focus to the gift or gifts that will be the easiest and most natural for you to develop. When people are having trouble developing their intuition the most likely culprit is they are trying to develop a skill that is not their strongest one. Most often being intuitive is associated with being clairvoyant (which is clear seeing) but that skill does not come naturally for most, on top of that you have to learn to interpret the vision anyway. Working with your strongest intuitive gifts first, will jumpstart your intuition faster and in a more accurate way than trying to develop a gift that does not come as natural for you in the first place. 

Bonus Vibes

Included with each Akashic Record Report are each of these Bonus Sections. 

Click on each topic below to reveal more about the Bonus Vibes.

Your primary life focus describes how driven you are towards your life purpose and your life lessons. 

For example if you are in a ‘learning’ lifetime you will be attracting your life lessons at a more rapid rate and may not be as focused on your soul’s purpose. 

We check in to see how many guides and guardian angels you have with you currently. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels can be with you throughout life times or show up for a limited time when you need them. 

This section talks about what your soul’s purpose is based on your Report. When you are in alignment with your purpose you will be happier, more confident and have impetus towards your dreams.

This section is a message just for you that is meant to provide clarification or help you in some way in your current life. 

We began doing this for fun just to see what we would get. The results have been some amazingly profound and interesting wisdom. 

Reiki Charged

Each PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report comes Reiki charged to help our clients not only integrate their soul’s vibe into their past, but to unite all of their energy in the ‘here and now’ resulting in a powerful activation.

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A PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report

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Empower yourself by being true to yourself and what you want in life.

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Your Intuitive Gifts

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Knowing your most dominant intuitive gift can help you know where to focus your energy and which skill to begin with developing. It is through developing what you are naturally good at already that helps the other skills develop quicker and more efficiently. 

Due to the nature of this work if you would like to gift someone this package, please make sure they a) know about it and b) actually want it. ***We don’t access anyone’s Akashic Record without their permission.***

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A 30 minute video call will be scheduled with both of us present. You will have our full attention. In this call we can discuss your Report further, answer any questions you may have, clarify any parts of your Report that may need clarification. We can also talk

Due to the nature of this work if you would like to gift someone this package, please make sure they a) know about it and b) actually want it. ***We don’t access anyone’s Akashic Record without their permission.***

Option 3 - Akashic Record Report (In Depth Past Lives)

Akashic Record Report
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  • 1 - PearlWorth Akashic Record Report
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  • 30 minute support call

Here's What's Included

A 30 minute video call will be scheduled with both of us present. You will have our full attention. In this call we can discuss your Report further, answer any questions you may have, clarify any parts of your Report that may need clarification. We can also talk about your gifts and how they can be used more fully in your life. 

Due to the nature of this work if you would like to gift someone this package, please make sure they a) know about it and b) actually want it. ***We don’t access anyone’s Akashic Record without their permission.***