What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an ethereal and infinite energetic database that stores the information of what is, what was and what could be. Think of it as tapping into universal wisdom or a divine super computer that exists in a different dimension than our physical reality.

While the Akashic Records exists outside of what we were taught to believe is considered possible for our natural physical boundaries, we CAN get there via intention! It is also thought of as a place to visit within our consciousness when we meditate.

Consciousness is ever expanding outward. We can train our subconscious mind to become more sensitive and more observant to how our conscious experiences interpret our reality. Open yourself up to the possibilities.

Anyone can visit the Akashic Records. In the end, it just takes focus, desire, dedication and practice.

How do the Akashic Records appear to us?

Akashic Records - Maty's Experience

As I arrive at the edge of the records I walk up a granite staircase and through shimmering golden gates. I’m transported over a meadow of sparkling emeralds with the view of a huge crystalline waterfall off to my left. The night sky twinkles and glows. To me, the Akashic Records look like a castle. The floor is glass and I can see the crystalline river flowing underneath. Windows abound and multiple levels are filled with bookcases as far as far as my eye can see.

A large waterfall with green aurora borealis in the sky
A large castle bristling with spires and windows set beneath a starry night sky.

Suddenly, I am in a white office room with a comfy cloud chair and an easel for the record books to rest during research. I have a minimalist approach to my room; it’s much less distracting that way. There is love’s welcoming warmth and vibration to the energy of our room. My mind is extra sharp, I can feel a buzzing sensation coursing through me. My guides give off white and gold light and have a fluidity to their shape. There is a puppy door in the back of the room for our spirit animal past loved ones to visit and bring their loving guidance.  

Akashic Records - Emily's Experience

When I arrive at the Akashic Records I raise up through the middle of a large waterfall. Completely dry I float to the top and am gently placed on a beautifully manicured courtyard. As I skip towards the entrance I can the see the doorman who is an interesting being with a horse head but always has a friendly demeanor. There are a few steps to walk up and I am in the front door. Forward in my vision is a large foyer and a double wrap around staircase that leads to the second floor where I can see floor to ceiling books.

Covered bookshelves stretch floor to ceiling with ornate wooden buttresses and crown molding.
A waterfall cutting through the cliffside and flowing into a jungle lagoon.

Once inside the Akashic Records I am able to teleport directly to a large office that is beautiful and minimalistic. (Maty and I were taken to “our office” on the third time we were there. It is where we are able to complete all of the research for ourselves and our clients.) It is perfect for our needs because we prefer fewer distractions. While in the records I feel like my mind expands exponentially. I feel like I am able to focus and understand things more easily and readily. I can feel my energy body expand. I always leave with more wisdom than when I came. 

The Akashic Records are unique and based on your own perception.

Are the Akashic Records Real?

The Akashic Records are no more or less real than those vivid dreams that stick with you after you wake. Just like in your dreams you can gain an incredible amount of growth and wisdom. One main difference between your dreams and the Akashic Records are that you choose to go to the Akashic Record, therefore you are actively in charge of the wisdom that you pursue. A second big difference is that you are completely conscious while there. Think of  it like visiting a hidden room in your subconscious mind. What is real? It’s all relative. However, the guidance we have received has been loving and powerful and there is a sense of peace that comes with that. 

What is real? It's all relative. However, the guidance we have received has been loving and powerful and there is a sense of peace that comes with that. 

Questions the Akashic Records will answer.

Where did my soul come from? What are my life lessons? Am I a starseed? Who was I in a past life? Am I an Empath? What are my innate strengths? How do I find more purpose?


“There have been times we receive guidance or words of wisdom containing words or phrases that we would never use ourselves. We then research the definition of the word or phrase and check to make sure we understand it correctly with our guides. Integrity in communication is very important to us.”

                           – Maty & Emily –

How does it feel in the Akashic Records?

Vision becomes different

Vision is sharper and things appear brighter. Third eye becomes more astute.

Mind feels clearer & more Focused

Your mind quiets and expands. Perception is heightened. 

Increased Energy & Time is a Bit Warped

Your vitality increases and your energetic body feels lighter. Time seems to move at a different speed.

An Akashic Record Report Will

Person in awe and feeling empowered after learning what are the Akashic Records.

Introduce you to your soul-self

Your soul-self can have incredible influence on your personality, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these things can be very validating especially if you're an empath.

Lay groundwork for self-Realizaton

Having a blueprint of your abilities and gifts gives you opportunity to incorporate and nurture more of your strengths. Using your strengths serves as an activation and more of your potential is revealed to you.

Empower you

When you realize your true potential you own your personal power, you feel stronger, have more confidence and the motivation to take charge of your life and pursue your dreams.

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