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Emotional Awareness for Soul Evolution

Evolution is the name of the game here on Earth!

Soul evolution is the underlying reason 8 billion humans are here right now.

To take their soul consciousness and add the depth of another human experience to it for the purpose of gaining emotional awareness for soul evolution and growth as a human.

The breadth of one human lifetime encapsulates a ton of experiential knowledge. Think about how much you have experienced in your life. All the ups and downs, the boredom and excitement, the lovers and heartaches. Your friends, family and people you dislike. The moments of achievement, the highs of success and the lows of failure and everything else in between.

It really is a vast and richly textured experience living here and enrolling in the school of Earth. And everyone does this over and over and over again. We’ve researched Akashic Record Reports for people with 10 and up to over 200 Earthly lifetimes. That’s a whole lot of human experience no matter which end of the spectrum one’s soul resides on.

Emotional Intelligence

One of the foundations, that eventually happens in a soul’s evolution, is coming to realize that there are other intelligences or awareness besides your mental faculties of reasoning, of knowledge in your mind and of your wit. Your emotions have their own intelligence, too and it’s a spontaneous, present moment kind of knowing!

The mind alone doesn’t always allow for intelligence of emotional awareness to add to the layers of your experience. Nor the intelligence of your soul’s consciousness and spirituality to be accounted for. Unless you, the observer, desire to integrate your mind with your emotions and soul urges. Allowing for all of your many intelligences and awarenesses to have input!

Experiencing your life creates Soul Evolution

Just as you grow from infancy to teenager, to adult and eventually elderly, evolving your human self throughout your own unique lifetime so too does your soul evolve throughout its many lifetimes and non physical experiences. The depth which you come to understand, the more experience you have, the smarter you become.

Sensing and feeling how your emotions work. Discovering what you like and don’t like that you experience from others or how you feel about what you’ve done to others or just how you are doing in any given moment.

All of this will be preserved on the soul level.

All of that can be used to advance your soul’s knowledge of self.

It doesn’t have to wait till your life review shortly after you leave the Earth plane to change yourself on the soul level. Your emotional awareness in the present moment gives you opportunities for soul evolution, now, during this lifetime.

Creating more Unconditional Love

Accepting more of your own truth about yourself allows for Loving oneself more unconditionally. This allows you to accept and love in others what you’ve found compassion for in yourself. Loving unconditionally because you’ve created that space for yourself first. The outer world of your experience reflects your inner world of self.

The ultimate goal through soul consciousness evolution is to really just come back to loving oneself more.

Self Acceptance,

Self Love,

Being the one you look to for your worth, not looking for others’ approval of you so you can be happy with yourself!

Emotional Self Awareness creates Self Assurance

When you act and feel bad about your actions or words, you know you’ve not put forth your best and when you feel good about those things you know you’ve done right for you. You can use this emotional self awareness barometer to alter your behaviors based on the emotional reactions you’re having in the present moment to your experiences.

Resulting in more self assurance, less self doubt and more overall acceptance for your life knowing that you have an effective way to gauge where you need to take action, set boundaries or make positive, practicable changes in your life moving forward.

And through this you can live more aligned in the here and now with your actions, morals and boundary setting for what you’ll allow from others.

Life is never going to be “ALL GOOD” every moment of every day, but using your emotional awareness for soul evolution in the present has a way of tipping the scales!

Love and Light,


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