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Hello Intuitives! We're Emily and Maty.

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General Questions

Emily and Maty are highly intuitive, empathic, healers that have been married seven years. While working in the Akashic Records they were guided towards a long held dream and their business PearlWorth Vibe came to fruition. Along with it, the discovery that the combination of their feminine and masculine polarities served to amplify the intensity and clarity of their mentoring and healing work.

Both have an extensive background in Reiki and the hospitality industry. Maty’s background also includes creating bar programs from scratch and has won awards for his unique and elaborate flavor combinations. Additionally, Emily has a BA in Sociology and 13 years experience as a licensed massage therapist. She also coached all star cheerleading and traveled with a performing breakdancing crew.

Emily and Maty love being able to work remotely with their clients as they travel the world to marvel at Mother Nature. They live their passion of soul consciousness and exploration! On their travels they create growth challenging themselves outside their comfort zones and evolving through their experiences.

Pearl and Worth are a combination of Emily and Maty’s last names. 

Emily Pearl + Maty Hollingsworth

More than just that, our marriage has set the foundation for us both to achieve incredible amounts of personal growth and development. It has been a journey of self realization and discovering our worth and we want to help our clients do the same. Self realization leads to healing and acceptance which ultimately leads to self empowerment. Self empowerment leads to more confidence and more fulfillment in all parts of your life.

Vibe is the empowerment you give yourself as you work through and achieve layers of self realization. We invite you to discover, understand, take ownership of and work to integrate your unique soul vibration into your daily life. 

You get 2 Professional Intuitives and Healers working on your behalf. 

We have found that we receive guidance in different ways therefore we play to our strengths in order to give you the most thorough and accurate report available. We discovered that the combination of our feminine and masculine polarities serves to amplify the intensity and clarity of our healing work. Plus we love working together!

We place honesty and integrity above all! 

This holds true within our marriage and is embodied in our business as well. We LOVE what we do and feel incredibly honored to get to work with our clients!

PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report

The Akashic Records are an ethereal and infinite energetic database that stores the information of what is, what was and what could be. Think of it as tapping into universal wisdom or a super computer that exists in a different dimension then our physical reality. It can also be thought of as a place to visit when you meditate that exists within your consciousness however it is outside of your current boundaries. Consciousness is ever expanding.The Akashic Records exist just outside of that boundary. We could come from the position of many different perspectives when describing the Akashic Records like quantum physics, theology, psychology, philosophy or astronomy, but in the end we can only describe what our experiences have been and what they continue to be.

You can also think about it like an energetic super computer that is consciously accessed via your subconscious mind. 


A PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report is based on information found in your unique Akashic Record. They are typically between 25-30 pages. Each Akashic Record Report is carefully compiled using our combined intuitive skills, strong guidance from your Akashic Record, tons of research and includes an additional energetic activation. 

The PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report is a blueprint of YOU and a great foundation for working towards personal empowerment by self realization.

Click Here to Read more about a PearlWorthVibe Akashic Record Report.

After completion of the New Client Form it takes between 4-6 weeks to get your completed PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report.

Read about our process below to see what goes into the making of each of our Reports.

Once an order is made we begin feeling a surge of energy surrounding our client and their Akashic Record. We have found that we receive more guidance for our clients if we wait for the energy to build and perform the reading when we are guided to do so. 

That’s why it is necessary to allow plenty of time in order to compile our Reports.

Once we are given the energetic green light . . .

We cleanse and create a peaceful, healing environment and tune into your energy by looking into your eyes via the picture you sent on our new client form.

Once we feel acclimated to your energy we relax into a meditative state and travel to the Akashic Records either together or separately. CLICK HERE to read more about our experience.

Upon arrival we ask our guides to assist us in locating your specific record using all of the other information provided in the new client form. Once your record is in our field, we can usually tell if there is an energetic match based on the energy we attuned to through your picture. However, just to make sure we have the correct Record we ask a series of questions to double check before we proceed any further.  

When it becomes clear we’ve made a solid connection, we use Reiki energy to set clear intentions for the energy of your soul vibe and past lives to combine in the here and now. This energy is then delivered to you when you read your Report. To strengthen your energetic connection all you have to do is implement and incorporate your gifts and strengths in your life. Chances are you are using them anyway, they are your gifts afterall. Setting clear intentions and being aware of and accepting yourself and all of your amazing skills and gifts will also deepen your connection and your energetic activation will be even more powerful.

Then we get started asking a lengthy series of questions gaining answers via dowsing, in order to find out more about you and the many topics discussed on our services page. CLICK HERE to read more about all of the information included in your PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report. 

The Past life and Spiritual Tradition sections of the reading are the most time consuming aspects due to our dual research method. CLICK HERE to read more about these sections. We combine our research in the Akashic Records with research via the web to learn more about the time periods we are given during your reading. We find it especially important to get an idea of how the world was during each specific time period that comes up for clients, as well as what your past life self was doing during that time period. We also find it important to use a multitude of resources on the web. While we are researching these topics further, we dowse for the validity and reliability of the information we find and formulate more questions to ask then corroborate the information with your Akashic Record. 

Once we obtain all of the information and feel like we have a good understanding of all of the topics and what your guides feel is most important for you to know, we ‘return’ your Record and seal off all the energy surrounding it and disconnect from the records. At this point we feel pretty jacked up and euphoric from the amount of energy created and from being in the unique energy of another soul. Being in the Akashic Record and feeling the energy of our client’s higher self and soul is humbling, incredible and an overall mind blowing experience. Being able to add the element of marvel in our work has been amazing. 

Now it is time to compile and type up your reading to get ready to send to you. This too is quite time consuming because we take great care and pride in our work plus it needs to be easily comprehensible. We take special care and are very intentional with the information we pass on to you because we know how important truth and accuracy are. We know firsthand how healing and powerful our Reports can be and accept that responsibility with great honor. During the compilation of your Report we are usually given extra guidance to add tidbits of information here and there. 

When the finished product feels just right and we have been given the guidance that it is accurate and complete, we email it to your inbox surrounded in love and light.

We intentionally designed the flow of our Reports to be an energetic activation. 

Each Report comes Reiki charged to help clients not only integrate their soul’s vibe into their past, but to unite all of their energy in the ‘here and now’ resulting in a powerful activation.

Your Akashic Record Report is unique to you and applicable to who you are now.

Everything in your report is meant to help you better understand your energetic self, relay nuances from your past experiences that are relevant today and identify your innate gifts and strengths so you’ll know where to focus your energy in this current lifetime. Knowing which of your gifts and strengths to develop first is half the battle. Using your gifts and strengths gives you more confidence because you are practicing things that you are  innately good at resulting in more fulfillment. Another byproduct of increased confidence is venturing outside of your comfort zone due to the realization that you have the capacity to allow more into your life.

  1. Purchase your PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report 
  2. Fill out the New Client Form – More information can be found in FAQ About New Client Form.
  3. Add PearlWorth Vibe to your safe list so you will get all of our emails about your Report. 
  4. Receive the email titled – Your PearlWorth Vibe Report will be ready . . .  This email will tell you the latest date you will receive your PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report. 
  5. Receive your PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Reading via Email. 
  6. Discover all the exciting wonders of your soul vibe, your past life vibe and your present- day vibe.

Your Akashic Record Report is emailed to you, so you always have 100% of your Report available to read any time you choose. It is helpful to read it periodically to help you learn more from it, implement the information then integrate it into your life.

An added benefit of an email pdf is you don’t have to worry about taking notes or trying to remember everything like an Akashic Record Reading via phone or video call. 


Reiki is a complementary therapy that promotes energy healing through guiding the flow of energy in all things that have life. Reiki energy is Source energy and is always of a loving vibration. As practitioners of Reiki for 20+ years we’ve become conduits for this Source, Universal or Spiritual energy and channel this vibration directly to you. Reiki is effective at breaking down energy blocks, aligning your intentions with the greatest good, expanding energetic flow and increasing energetic balance within yourself. This can promote self discovery, relaxation, help with stress, anxiety and clear away residual energy leaving you with more vitality to better meet the challenges of everyday life. Due to the energetic nature of this modality, a Reiki energy session can be done in person or from a distance.

A typical Reiki Alignment session lasts about 60-75 minutes. In the beginning we will talk for 20-30 minutes about what you want to be supported in during your time with us and what’s your goal for the Alignment session to accomplish. This helps the Source energy of Reiki to align with your intentions.

Channeling the Reiki energy to you will last about 25-35 minutes. You may drift into a relaxed meditative state. This is when you get comfy and begin to bring your awareness to the exploration within.

After the energy channeling portion of the session we take 10-15 minutes to help with any questions you might have. At this point we will share any intuitive guidance we have to offer and then the session will be complete.

About Client Form

The Client Form is required to redeem your Report.

Information necessary to access your Akashic Record:

  • Your Email Address
  • Your Full Legal Name
  • Your Birthdate
  • Your Birthplace
  • Your Full Name at Birth
  • A Recent Picture of You (within the last two years) where your eyes are clearly visible. 

Purpose of New Client Form

The required information serves as our permission and passcode to access your unique Akashic Record. Your Akashic Records CANNOT be accessed with out your permission.

New Client Form + Your Energetic Consent = Your Permission

The Client Form can be found in two places:

A purchase receipt is immediately emailed to the address provided (included will be a link to fill out the new client form at your convenience) 


You can fill out the new client form on the thank you page immediately following your purchase (using the link when prompted).