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Soul Journey - example Akashic Record report

A giant akashic record book opens in a field to reveal the story of a woman's soul.

As soul purpose success coaches, Emily and I each have over 20 years of expertise as energy healers and are dedicated to helping high achieving intuitives, like you, boost your inner badass! A paramount tool we offer is our Soul Journey Akashic Record reports.


Your soul has its own narrative and history that dictates your human strengths and qualities. As well as your purpose and values. Your soul’s experience enhances the foundation of your inner wisdom. Not only in this lifetime but in all your past ones as well. A Soul Journey report will clarify your soul’s gifts and help connect the dots so that you can harness your inner wisdom, master your mystical mojo and align with the abundance of your higher purpose. Because let’s face it, when you’re living your best life, you’re a freakin’ master of your own destiny!


We are often asked just what kind of details about a soul go into our Akashic Record reports. Thanks to a past client’s permission, you can now read an example report here, Get the PDF.

Who is this example Soul Journey report for?

For those wanting to experience what our work is like. We pull back the curtain and show you exactly what goes into a Soul Journey report. This is a tool for experiencing the blueprint of your soul and connecting to your higher purpose. Emily and I have obtained permission from one of our past clients to publish their report as an example reading just for you. Although the information within each one is unique to the individual, the structure and categories are the same for all. Enjoy!  Cheers, Maty

“Maty and Emily are the real deal. They are fully authentic. They are always in it, to deliver your highest and best interests to you!”

Get the pdf here, to read the example Akashic Record report.

A few things to note about the report before viewing the pdf

  • The example below is our full 30+ page Akashic Record report detailing the journey of a soul.
  • Ready to order your Soul Journey report we offer them in between our nomadic travels here.
  • Please do not copy it, distribute it, reproduce it, or use the information or the template included in it in any way! It is a copyrighted document and only intended for your viewing. Cheers!

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