Let’s talk about your Past Life Vibe!  

Your past life vibe is sections 5-6 of our PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report and another important part of your energetic makeup. In this blog post I am going to discuss the four sections that make up your past life vibe. Think of each section of the Akashic Record Report as a set of clues to help you determine more about yourself, your purpose here on earth and what your soul finds important to learn.

The contents of this blog post:

  • What is your past life vibe?
  • 5)  Past Life Synopsis
  • 6)  Spiritual / Religious Practices
  • 7)  Repeated Past Life Roles
  • 8) Earthly Lifetimes
Two hands around an Earth designed clock winding backward into past life vibes.

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What is Your Past Life Vibe?

Your Past Life Vibe comes next because now your soul vibration needs some experience. You can only gain wisdom as well as the sense of knowing and inner peace that accompanies it through having experienced it for oneself. Events and experiences held in your past life vibe can give you more clues about what you have been up to.

Other ways it can be helpful is connecting you to energetic threads that may be holding you back and in need of healing. Also, it can validate something or give an explanation to a feeling you have about yourself. Each time you recognize, can explain or realize something about yourself it is self empowering and has a healing affect. Some examples of how learning more about yourself could be empowering are in the following paragraphs.

How past life vibes affect the present

An example of a way a past life can hold you back could be something seemingly insignificant. Such as having a past life vibe lived in hiding due to a skill you had that was seen as ungodly and something that could get you killed. This lingering feeling, this need to hide your true self for survival, could cause unnecessary strife in this life.

If left undiscovered, it can continue causing strife in future lifetimes until it is recognized and worked with or cleared. This underlying theme could trickle into personal relationships, friendships and professional life. If you’re always hiding yourself from others then you will never feel comfortable being yourself. This will lead to a lack of fulfillment on many levels. In addition, others may dissociate from you because they feel as though you are evasive or hiding something. 

On the contrary, a past life vibe could validate or explain a skill or innate gift that you possess without having a reference point for having acquired that skill. An example of this could be finding out you are incredibly observant and have an acutely sensitive sense of smell. In fact, so sensitive that minor changes can be detected in the environment around you. Discovering you were a tracker in a past life would help you make sense of your gift. Knowing your observant nature and strong sense of smell was helpful for finding people or animals brings relativity to your present vibe. 

The following four categories give you more information and clues as to how you lived in your past lives. Depending on how many earthly lifetimes you have lived previously, you may see correlations between the lives in this section. 

Past Life Synopsis

This synopsis of a few lifetimes held within your past life vibe is meant to lightly appease the curiosity about past lives where your soul experienced a lot of growth. General information about that lifetime as well as the geographical area you lived in and/or if applicable that you incarnated around a world event. You may even find that you have a subconscious familiarity or have an interest already about the areas or time frames of existence for these past lives. You may have the thought “I know this, I’ve done this before.”  

Past Spiritual/Religious Practices

We research what your past life vibe’s religions or spiritual practices have been. Pinpointing the practices from your past lives that resonate with this lifetime’s vibration. You may currently be practicing one of these already. At times, when a spiritual tradition comes up it is the basic tenants and concepts of one having a familiarity or resonance in your soul that will ring true.

Other times, you’ll notice those tenants showing up in how you practice your spirituality. Whether or not your individual relationship with Source is regarded as more or less important than your relationship for the institution. Both on a personal level as well as the whole of a particular faith system.

Repeated Past Life Roles

We research which past life roles you have chosen to embody during your incarnations. These roles are akin to a general guideline for what you’ve chosen to focus on repeatedly in the past when your soul grew the most. This serves to add some texture to your past life vibe. Knowing what your soul has deemed important for the shaping of it’s past learning opportunities gives you insight into the energy of who you are now. 

An example of this would be returning many lifetimes into a High Status Leader role so you have the opportunity to grow while having the welfare of others to consider. These will be skills that you are naturally good at and a role you are usually put into with ease.  

Amount of Earthly Lifetimes

We cover how many lifetimes you have spent on Earth in a human body. Earth is a unique experience that souls from other planets and star systems come here for. Enrolling for a lifetime in the school of Earth means living as a spiritual being experiencing emotions and consciousness together in a physical reality. We also check into what percentage you spent as a male versus female. 

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