Want to discover more about your Soul's Journey?

Aligns You with Your
Soul's Purpose

A human soul shining brilliantly in the ethers of the universe.
  • Gain clarity about your soul’s purpose. 
  • Understand exactly how your intuition works and how to use it.
  • Know what skills to utilize for maximum success in your life. 
  • LIVE Soul Purpose Success Coaching Session WITH BOTH OF US. 

Soul Journey Akashic Record Report

This is our full Akashic Record Report. It's a downloadable book detailing the story of your soul's journey from inception to now.
$ 555
  • 1 - Soul Journey Akashic Record Report
  • 1 - Soul Purpose Success Coaching Session with us both!

Here's What You Get:

Soul Journey Akashic Record Report 30+ page fully downloadable sacred document delivered via email.

Soul Journey Akashic Record Report

This is a once-in-a-lifetime fully downloadable SACRED DOCUMENT.

We access your Akashic Record on your behalf and ask an extensive system of questions about your soul's energy, what you've been up to in past lives and how that effects your strengths, gifts and soul's purpose.
EVERYONE is on a unique path. We are excited to support you on yours! We don't take this work lightly.

It an incredible honor to do this beautiful work!

Soul Purpose Success Coaching

LIVE Access to us both for loving intuitive guidance and healing opening a pathway to your soul alignment.

During this LIVE Coaching Session we walk you through your entire Soul Journey Akashic Record Report, detailing and highlighting all the things that stuck out, unique findings and answer all the questions you have about how your intuition works, your soul's purpose. We help take out some of the guesswork and connect dots for what your soul deems important and how to harness your mystical mojo for the greatest amount of success in your life.

Here's what our clients have to say!

"When I received my Akashic Record Reading from Pearlworthvibe I was impressed with the sheer volume of information and wisdom it provided me. It was incredibly powerful and it deeply resonated with me. The information that the report contained was detailed and exhaustive. It helped me understand some of the characteristics I have as well as why I have the passions and strengths in this lifetime. My report was broken down into 4 different categories and 16 sections over 36 pages of information that told me about various aspects about my soul and it's reincarnation in this lifetime. I loved how easy it was to digest while still being extremely thorough and informative. I especially resonated with the archetypes and key strengths in this lifetime, as it read like a book about my already existing life, including my successes and challenges that I have faced. This report was so powerful and informative. I can't express the volume of detailed wisdom and guidance I received in this report! I highly recommend having a reading done to gain wisdom and guidance about your soul, its purpose, and what you are here to learn and grow from. Exceptional information and am in awe of their divine talents and skills with the Akashic Records."
Michele Thomas, a soul purpose success coaching client.
Michele Thomas
My Akashic Record report felt like a coming home of sorts. It beautifully explained in great detail things about myself that I couldn't have known, yet I knew to be true as soon as I read them. I feel a sense of validation in who I know myself to be, and also feel empowered to step into my authenticity. I just re-read my report from almost a year and a half ago, and it is so interesting to see how some of these things have manifested in my life today. I have embraced my many lifetimes as a witch. I have become a life coach to continue my many advisor roles. And I have a relatively new and powerful relationship with crystals, so it was fun to see that reflected in my report before I was even aware of it in this lifetime. As a whole, my Akashic Record report helped me feel seen. I am grateful to Emily and Maty for giving me this gift of acceptance and understanding.
Heather Love, a soul purpose success coaching client.
Heather Love
I am so grateful that I was able to get my Akashic records reading from Maty and Emily. Their reading validated that there was nothing “wrong” with me, but rather my sensitivities were a result of who I have been for many lifetimes. It has helped me to stand fully in my power and because of that I am more confident in my relationships and in business.
Jodie King, a soul purpose success coaching client.
Jodie King
“Receiving my Akashic Record report was incredibly impactful for me. My report was so validating, affirming and resonated so deeply with me. The report provided me with such rich information and explanations of my soul journey. I have a deeper understanding of myself, my soul learnings and my purpose. I have been on my path of purpose for quite some time, my report was exactly the guidance and push I needed to put it all in perspective and take the needed steps forward. It put many pieces of a complex puzzle together in one report and was in a way for me to easily take it in. Maty and Emily did such a fantastic job with it. I am truly impressed and am so happy to have my report. I highly recommend getting your Akashic Record with PearlWorth Vibe.
Melissa Thallemer
“My Akashic record report was so much more than I had imagined. I highly recommend having a notebook nearby as you read through your report to capture the Aha's, rememberings and any questions that you would like clarification on from Emily and Maty. I really loved the historic detail on the portions that related to the past lives, imagining the experiences and lessons and how they are related/play towards some of this life's lessons. And while I find the report immensely helpful, it is the support of Emily and Maty, their knowledge and support, that took the experience to a whole different level for me. The call we had after I received my report to highlight key areas and see the synchronicities in the report and in my life. I felt seen on a different level through this experience and have a new understanding of the different energies which are at work in my life. I look forward to exploring the information that was shared with me by Emily and Maty.”
Shannon Warnick