Let’s talk about your Present Day Vibe!  

Your present day vibe is sections 9-12 of our PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report and an important part of who you are today. In this blog post I am going to discuss the four sections that make up your present day vibe. Think of each section of the Akashic Record Report as a set of clues to help you determine more about yourself, your purpose here on earth and what your soul finds important to learn.

The contents of this blog post:

  • What is your Present Day vibe?
  • 9)  Your Life Lessons
  • 10) Innate Strengths and Archetypes
  • 11)  Are you an Empath?
  • 12) Intuitive Gifts


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What is Your Present Day Vibe? 

Your Present Day Vibe is brimming with your life lessons, Archetypes, empath and intuitive gifts. It represents the accumulation of all the knowledge and wisdom your soul’s foundation has accrued throughout your many lifetimes. More clues are offered in your present day vibe as to what your soul has deemed important to learn and why.

There are many factors that weigh into who you are today. These topics discuss challenges you will face and strengths you’ll use on a daily basis. Soul evolution is the name of the game here on Earth. It’s why your soul came again to incarnate here in a human body! You’re growing from lifetimes of experiential knowledge and that learning is what helps you evolve your soul.

Each of us has a different frame of reference that was established in the soul and past life vibe sections. Like everyone else, your present day vibe is on a path of evolution. The details of it’s unfolding gets to be unique to your soul’s desires. Experiencing many lifetimes of all the potentialities that are possible helps you become a more well rounded version of yourself.

The following four categories give you more information and clues as to what you are here to learn and the strengths you have in order to accomplish these lessons in your current lifetime.

Your Life Lessons 

Life Lessons are the traits, qualities and magnetic energies that you desire to embody. They are not among the inherent gifts of your soul’s foundation, but you’re working on them. Given the dualistic nature of the world, it usually takes several lifetimes to fully experience all the nuances and polarities of one life lesson. 

Your life lessons are built into the gravitational force within the law of attraction. Allowing us to attract the scenarios that will bring about unique and desired learning possibilities. When reflecting upon your past, life lessons will be the underlying themes of your life. The finer details of the people and places change in each scene, but the themes keep coming back up repeatedly until you get a good grasp of the lesson at hand. 

Completing a life lesson is akin to earning a bachelor’s degree. The intensity lessens with which you attract experiences around your completed life lessons. No longer are you manifesting scenarios for the purpose of learning a particular life lesson. Now, when you manifest a situation that requires your completed life lesson trait it will be for a new purpose. You’ll be demonstrating to yourself that ‘you got this’ as well as you’re teaching others through your example by embodying your new strength.

Your Innate Strengths and Archetypes

Your innate strengths and archetypes convey a deeper meaning to the qualities that you naturally embody. These innate strengths are the skills you’ve earned as you evolved your soul vibe in a light body or incarnating on a planet. When these Archetypes are reinforcing your innate gifts from your soul group, it is akin to Source placing a ‘pay attention’ sign in your path!

Sometimes an Archetype can be present in your soul from a past life. This happens from embodying a quality in such a way that it became a part of your energetic foundation. Under those circumstances, we consider that Archetype a high five from your past lives!

Are you an Empath? 

We research if you are an empath, if you are we then look into which empathic abilities you are gifted with. Empaths are unique, in that they can interpret the emotional experience of others without engaging in the five senses of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting. Just being within a vibratory range can be all an empath needs in order to tune into another person.

Truly, empaths can ‘walk in another’s shoes’ by feeling and processing energy that doesn’t belong to them, within their own energy field. Being able to process your own emotions and identifying your triggers is an important part of your energetic health. Validating you’re an empath is very helpful because you can factor that into your process when working with your emotions.

Your Intuitive Gifts 

We also check which intuitive gifts are currently the strongest for you, those which you are most in tune with. These gifts are the best way for your spirit guides, non physical teachers, loved ones and divine energy to communicate with you. Knowing your strongest intuitive gift helps you focus your energy on developing that skill first. It will be the easiest and most natural for you to advance your intuition to the next level.

Some people have trouble developing their intuition. The most likely culprit is they are trying to develop an intuitive skill that is not their strongest one. Most often being intuitive is associated with being clairvoyant, which is clear seeing. That skill does not come naturally for most. On top of that you have to learn to interpret the vision anyway.

Working with your strongest intuitive gifts first, will jumpstart your intuition faster and in a highly accurate way. Trying to develop a gift that does not come as natural for you in the first place can be a point of frustration. We aim to help you avoid the frustration by relaying your strongest intuitive gift or gifts to you. 

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