Reiki Alignment Session

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What to learn more about the Reiki Alignment Session?

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Have you been considering making a major life shift or just want some support in an endeavor?

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Reiki Alignment Session

Energy Work - Guidance

Align your intentions with your desires in this session. This can help you gain clarity on what it is you are wanting to bring into your life.

Session Includes: 

30 minute Guidance call

  • We guide you as you set your intentions to align with the life you are creating or (change you want to make).

30 minute Distance Energy Work

  • A distance energy work session to clear blockages in your energy field to further align those intentions. This is a very sacred session with both of us present. 

15 minute Check In

  • We wrap up in order to pass along any further guidance or answer questions.

(75 minutes total)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy that promotes energy healing through guiding the flow of energy in all things that have life. Reiki energy is Source energy and is always of a loving vibration. As practitioners of Reiki for 20+ years we’ve become conduits for this Source, Universal or Spiritual energy and channel this vibration directly to you. Reiki is effective at breaking down energy blocks, aligning your intentions with the greatest good, expanding energetic flow and increasing energetic balance within yourself. This can promote self discovery, relaxation, help with stress, anxiety and clear away residual energy leaving you with more vitality to better meet the challenges of everyday life. Due to the energetic nature of this modality, a Reiki energy session can be done in person or from a distance.

A picture of two hands with light emitting from them

How Can A Reiki Alignment Help You?

Increase Your Energetic flow
release energy blocks and What No Longer Serves You
Promote Relaxation and Self Discovery
Align your Intentions With The Greatest Good

Reiki can help align your intentions with your desires and bring more energy and awareness towards your goals, while creating a clearer channel for you to receive.

Reiki Alignment Session

Energy Work and Guidance
$ 222
  • 30 min Guidance Call
  • 30 min Distance Reiki
  • 15 min Check In

Reiki Alignment Package

Buy 3 Sessions and Save
$ 555
  • 3 x Reiki Alignment Sessions
  • Free Gift - Grounding Visualization Mediation