Let’s talk about your Soul Vibe!  

Your soul vibe is sections 1-4 of our PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report and an important part of your energetic makeup. In this blog post I am going to discuss the four sections that make up your soul vibe. Think of each section of the Akashic Record Report as a set of clues to help you determine more about yourself, your purpose here on earth and what your soul finds important to learn.

The contents of this blog post:

  • What is your soul vibe?
  • 1) Energetic Realm of Training
  • 2) Soul Group of Origin 
  • 3) Soul Trainings (In Between Life Times)
  • 4) Divine Support


A soul vibe representation as illustrated by a human silhouette with a white soul spark in the chest of their light body.

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What is Your Soul Vibe?

Your Soul Vibe is the foundation of who you are on an energetic level. It encompasses the essence of your divine spark, your soul group of origin and your energetic realm of training. At the very core of your being this is the vibration or soul vibes you emanate out into the world. This describes who you are whether you are incarnated here on Earth, in between lifetimes or incarnated on another planet. If you look at the energetic makeup of your body there are many different systems at play. In this post I will briefly mention the connection between your body and your personal energy field or auric field. As well as the connection between your higher self and your soul energy. 

Your body and your auric field 

Everyone’s physical body is encapsulated by their personal energy field also known as the auric field. Your auric field is what helps your body process all of the energy you are giving out and receiving at all times. This includes the processing of other’s energy systems when they are in the vicinity of your aura as well. It is in this way some people have the ability to absorb the energy or emotions of others. Your personal energy field includes the chakra system.

Each of the different chakras have their own frequencies that are emitted into the universe. Everyone has all of these frequencies within the make up of their personal energy field. You train in at least one of these realms and become a master at holding that frequency within the universe.  

Your higher self and soul energy

Your higher self is the part of you that bridges the communication between your personal energy field and your soul. Held within your higher self is all the wisdom of your many incarnations. Your past experiences, your life lessons, energetic blocks, Archetypes and so forth. Purchasing an Akashic Record report and filling out the new client form gives us permission to access your soul energy. You’re also giving your higher self permission to connect us to your soul energy in the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are the energetic database in which your soul’s information is stored. 

Your Soul is the inception point for all of your incarnations as well as the point by which all of the energy from the end of an incarnation is reabsorbed. It is the essence of you at the most wholesome level of yourself. It is the individuality of Spirit’s divine spark that which is your unique essence experiencing creation. Also within your soul, too is where your purpose here on Earth resides. It is up to each of us to discover what that purpose is during our lifetime using our free will.

The following four categories give you clues about what your purpose is here on Earth. Each of these sections give you a different layer and perspective on why you are here now. 

Your Energetic Realm of Training

Your energetic realm of training represents your magnetic repertoire and is the main vibration you bring into your lifetimes. There are seven energy realms for this type of training. Each realm is associated with one of the seven main chakras in your human energy field. Every soul spends time training in at least one energetic realm before coming to Earth. This learning helps you embody and align your soul vibe energy with the particular divine energy of that realm. By incarnating on Earth you are helping to anchor this energy into Gaia’s auric field. The unique characteristics, qualities, vibratory frequencies and energetic output associated with your chosen realm of training is a big part of your core strengths and personality. A fundamental part of you is the expression of your energetic realm of training.

Your Soul Group of Origin

Your soul group of origin is your soul’s origination point in the universe. The Akashic Records reveal that here on Earth about 75% of the incarnated souls are Earth souls. This means their formative and subsequent lifetimes have been spent on Earth; most of the time these souls have never traveled to other solar systems or planets. There are exceptions to this of course based on what your soul deems most important for you to learn. The other 25% of souls originated and spent their formative incarnations in another star system(s) before having their first lifetime on Earth. These souls are routinely called star seeds or star travelers. The unique human personality for each of your lifetimes is derived by how your formative human years.  This upbringing leaves its impression upon your divine spark or soul vibe’s innate personality. 

Qualities of your soul’s personality

Many qualities of your soul’s personality can be traced back to your soul group of origin. Your soul vibe’s unique makeup of inherent strengths, natural traits and qualities is present for each and every lifetime you choose. Just like a child learns how to navigate its surroundings, your formative incarnations help you learn how to navigate your surroundings too. However depending on your specific vantage point the baseline of your perception differs. Knowing your soul group of origin helps to establish that baseline.

For example if you first incarnated on a planet that was more utopian in nature the dense energies of Earth may be a little harder for you to ‘accept’ because your innate soul feeling is that you should feel happy and at peace all of the time. Along the same note that could be the very reason you chose to incarnate on Earth in the first place. So you could experience what it is like to not feel happy and at peace all the time.Why would you want to learn that? It is through the contrast you find more appreciation for what is. Experiencing this contrast helps your soul becomes more well rounded. If you feel happy and peaceful all the time chances are you begin to take it for granted. That’s because its all you know. Giving yourself the chance to feel unhappy allows more appreciation for the times you do feel happy.  

Your Soul Trainings (Between Incarnations)

Soul Trainings are the passion projects and in depth hobbies you have while not in a body. These soul trainings allow you to be in service to Source in between incarnations on Earth. These skills you develop and master in between lifetimes can be utilized during your physical incarnations as well. This is another example of how you bring your soul vibe’s gifts and skills with you into the physical world possessing a natural knack for things. Soul Trainings can often align with esoteric topics that we find we are comfortable with. Often these are areas of personal interest or professional expertise already within our lives.

Your Divine Support

The presence of divine support has more relativity to your life in the way that connects your highest good with the highest good of all. We focus on specifics to their energy, touch on the tradition they come from and possible meanings their presence could mean for you. Sometimes you call upon their energy, sometimes they are there because you need them and other times a past life spent in devotion to this divine being is acknowledged by the deeper bond of their energy being with you always.

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